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Dedicated. Creative. Energetic.
Cheryl Russell

Cheryl Russell

Principal, Marketing Master, Designer, Cheerleader

If I’m not doing something creative – graphic design, ceramics, painting, photography – I’m probably riding my bike around town, perhaps headed to Mod to grab an iced mocha and hang out with friends. (Galveston / Houston)

marketing – graphic design – social media – seo – branding – trade shows – photography

  • Web Design 70% 70%
  • Graphic Design 80% 80%
  • Customer Happiness 80% 80%

Sales Gurus

Gina Richardson

Gina Richardson

Sales, Support, Event Photographer

I do everything. Well, I might not do everything but I make sure they do everything. I find people who need our work and let them talk to people who know stuff. I build, fix, and organize things. I make sure we have an endless supply of silly string. Oh, and I take pictures. (Houston / Galveston)

sales – organization – strategizing – photography

  • Sales 85% 85%
  • Staff Support 50% 50%
  • Event Photography 70% 70%
Maggie Albrecht

Maggie Albrecht

Sales and Community Connector

I love to talk! So let’s talk about what Design Galveston can do for you and your company. Then let’s talk about how amazing Galveston Island is!


sales – connecting – photography

  • Sales 70% 70%
  • Community Connections 50% 50%
  • Customer Happiness 80% 80%


Jeff Baker

Jeff Baker

Director of Cat Herding (Programmer)

I write code. I fix code. I don’t smile nor act silly. I live with 2 grown children, 4 not-grown grandchildren, a wife, countless animals (I seriously lost count), and I’ve not seen my sanity in months. But I code good. (Dallas / Arlington)

html5 – css – C# – joomla – wordpress 

  • WordPress 80% 80%
  • C# 90% 90%
  • HTML5 70% 70%
Mark Matsusaki

Mark Matsusaki


I code, ride my bike, play with my dog and drink liquor. Not usually at the same time. (Houston)


html5 – css3 – joomla – wordpress – graphics – signage – ecommerce

  • WordPress 80% 80%
  • Joomla 40% 40%
  • eCommerce 50% 50%


Kristin Galik

Kristin Galik

Business Plans and Attorney Extraordinaire

Business plans are fun! No, really! I also like reviewing contracts, making sure everyone is respected, flying in small airplanes and falling off of snowmobiles. Ok, maybe not the falling off part. (Houston)

business plans – legal documents – analysis

  • Business Plans 60% 60%
  • Legal Documents 90% 90%
  • Analysis 40% 40%
Jeannette Waldie, CPP APMP

Jeannette Waldie

Proposal Goddess and Resume Royalty

I write proposals that make you want to do a happy dance and sing when you win! And I sing. And I like to talk in front of large crowds. And I have really good parties. (Houston) Jeannette Waldie, CPP APMP

proposal management – resumes – editing

  • Proposal Development 85% 85%
  • Resume Writing 40% 40%
  • Editing 60% 60%
Jackie Venable

Jackie Venable

Proposal Queen

When I’m not writing proposals or managing marketing projects, I’m in my sewing room or chasing a bull dog off the couch. But more likely in the sewing room drinking mass quantities of coffee—and thinking. (Houston)

proposal management – marketing – editing

  • Proposal Managment 90% 90%
  • Marketing Development 60% 60%
  • Writing 30% 30%




Sandy Baker

Sandy Baker

Writer, Editor, Comedic Relief

I write words that will make your heart soar and people open their wallets. I live in the crazy house mentioned under Jeff Baker and enjoy almost every minute of it. (Dallas / Arlington)

writing – editing – business documents

  • Writing 80% 80%
  • Editing 75% 75%
  • Business Documents 40% 40%
Jodie Paul

Jodi Paul

Writing Genius

From technical writing to blogging, I’ve got words. A lot of them. And if I run out, I’ll get a few more from my small girl child. I’m McCartney to Cheryl’s Lennon. (Austin)

technical writing – blogging – video

  • Blogging 65% 65%
  • Marketing 50% 50%
  • Writing 85% 85%
Nathan Estrada

Nathan Estrada

Social Media and Event Planner

I’m the one who keeps the conversation going! I do all things social media from strategizing to implementation and from engagement to analysis. I love this stuff! (Austin / San Antonio)

social media – event planning – analysis

  • Social Media 70% 70%
  • Event Planning 45% 45%
  • Strategizing 65% 65%

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