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Does your company need a website?

Yes. Ok, so perhaps you want a bit more information so you can make a rational decision. Here are a few really good questions to ask yourself. Do you want to attract new business? Do you want to keep your current business? Do you want your business to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even when you aren’t available? Do you ever offer incentives, specials or other promotions? Do you think your potential clients ever search for your type of business on the internet? Do you have any competitors? Do you have any marketing information for your potential or current clients? Do you have a flyer, brochure, or other information you want to show your clients or prospective clients? Do you want your current clients to see additional products and services you offer? Do you want to get feedback from your customers? Do you want to give potential customers a “no pressure” opportunity to ask questions? These are just a few reasons why you need a strong web presence. How could your company benefit? Let’s talk about it. Call us for a free consultation today! Image... read more

Twitter Tip – Private Message

Here is a pro twitter tip for you! If someone follows you, it is a great idea to send them a private message thanking them, offering a special or inviting them to your business – and there are many services that will automate this task. However, don’t send them a message inviting them to give you business UNLESS you’ve followed them in return – this task can also be automated. When they try to reply to your message, telling you how much they love your products or ask a question about your business, and twitter won’t allow the message to be delivered to you because you’ve not followed them, you’ve now lost a follower and perhaps a repeat client. Who wants to follow someone, get a message from someone, who doesn’t want to hear from them in return? Social media isn’t about 1-way conversations and rejecting people never really makes for good business!... read more

Marketing Tips List.Ly

If you are familiar with List.Ly, great! If not, here’s your chance to try it out – pain free! What marketing tips would you like to read? We love hearing from you and we love answering your questions. So tell us, what marketing tips would you like to see here? What are your marketing challenges? Fears? Obstacles? Or what are you simply curious about?  REPORT Cheryl Ann Russell Owner 1 items   1 followers   0 votes   100 views What marketing tip blogs would you like to see? Listly by Cheryl Ann Russell Follow List Embed List 1 How do I come up with a good company name? Mar 18, 2015 Upvote React with Emoji... read more

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